Monday, April 21, 2008

Kick Ass Soccer

On Saturday, my girls, The Tsunami, went up against the Cheetahs and kicked a little ass. Well, not really, what they did was put on a real athletic display, and squeaked out a 7-5 win over their opponents in a close match that could have gone either way up until the last moment in the game.

It was great sportsmanship, and great effort on the parts of both teams... and the stuff that heart attacks are made of for the coaches. I kid you not... we had a three point lead when all of a sudden, we started making some key mistakes... but I don't need to go into all of that.

If I can say something nice about my own kid for a moment, I'll tell you that she worked so hard, and was so strong... she played offense and defense with equal ferocity. She supported her teammates, and is really, along with many of the others, learning how to read the field. It is a joy to watch. Even more exciting was watching her score two of our goals. You see, I can't brag about her at the games, and I can only clap and do the "GREAT JOB, BABE!" at the games, because as coach, I don't want to overpraise my own child for fear of the dreaded accusation of preferential treatment.

In this particular picture, SG (in red) is challenging her opponent (who is also a classmate) for possession of the ball. She won the possession, breaking up her opponent's scoring attempt.

Anyway, suffice it to say, that all of the girls ball-handling skills are improving, their fitness levels are coming up and their heads are in the right place, God bless 'em! As long as they stayed switched on, they will give a good account of themselves for the season.

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