Saturday, February 9, 2008

Off To The Show!!!

In about thirty minutes, Clan Gunfighter will be departing our Prince William County home to go and see High School Musical at The National Theater. I am sure that most of you have seen the movie(s), heard all of the songs (perhaps ad nauseum) and seen all of the merchandise that has been generated by this Disney phenomenon. The likelihood that these things are true is compounded exponentially if you have a daughter in the "tween" demographic.

I am aware that not everyone loves High School Musical. Some people don't like the marketing aspects, some don't think it was anything special, some think that it was "cute" but not worth all of the hoopla, and I certainly respect those opinions, but I have to tell you, in our house, pretty much anything connect to HSM or HSM2 is pretty popular.

My oldest, who is 18, and her college pals think it's cute. My youngest is mad for the stuff... as for me (and Mrs Gunfighter) we are excited about the fact that there is a series of movies (and stage performances) that isn't about underage sex, drugs, drinking, or nudity. It isn't about pregnancy, and isn't about the pain of loss or horrendous teen angst. While there is room in the word for all of that, I am gratified that there is still room in the world for a story that is cute, wholesome and has catchy music.

We are getting dressed up for SG's first night at the theater, and I think that I am looking forward to it as much as she is.