Monday, September 10, 2007

The Return of Coach Gunfighter

Soccergirl has begun the new fall soccer season, here in Virginia.

Like so many thousands of kids in America's suburbs, she will be practicing once a week formally with the team, and once a week, working on skills and fitness with yours truly... with the end result, being game day on Saturdays.

This past Saturday was the first game of the season. We didn't win, but the girls put on a great performance. They were excited. They worked hard. They gave everything they had. They held their own, with the other team beating us by a single goal, which came within 2 minutes of the end of the game.

I was proud of the little darlings... of course, proudest of my own little darling. I know she works hard for her teammates, but I am certain that some of the effort... OK, most of it is working to make her daddy proud.

I am.

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