Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Conversations With Soccergirl

The Scene: I was home with Soccergirl, yesterday... our daycare provider is on vacation.

Gunfighter: What do you want for breakfast, babe?

Soccergirl: Grits, daddy... but not the instant kind!

Gunfighter: OK

Soccergirl: With cheese!

Gunfighter: OK

Soccergirl: and bacon!

Gunfighter: Bacon?

Soccergirl: Well, you can't have grits without bacon, can you? It's just not right!

Gunfighter: Yes, Miss Daisy.

Soccergirl: You're my best friend, Hoke!


Lawyer Mama said...

Yummy breakfast.

Bubblewench said...

she's right. grits just aren't right without bacon. Smart young woman.

Queeny said...

Hey, I finally get to add a cool guy to my blog roll. Thanks for dropping in ... and you DO sound like a great dad. My daughter likes cheese on her grits, just like her dad.

...Oh, I see on your other site that you're a sports fanatic, like my hubs. Bleeeecchhh!

Gunfighter said...

I'm not a psorts fanatic, queeny... I am just intensely loyal to the one sport I care about: RUGBY!