Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Welcome Dads! (welcome everyone!)

Welcome to the Real Dads blog!

Why real dads? Because the men that I am talking about when I say "real dads" are the men that are participatory parents in their children's lives. Not just understanding of "mommy issues", but men who actively parent, either in partnership, or alone, as is sometimes the case.

A participatory father never refers to himself as a "babysitter", when he is in charge of the children and his spouse is out with her friends, working, or taking a nap. A real dad is just fulfilling his role as a father.

How many of us know men that thought that being a good dad only meant making as good a living as possible in order to "bring home the bacon" to his family?

Don't get me wrong, here... my point is not to denigrate dads who were culturally trained by the influences of their times, to behave a certain way, I'm talking about guys who may be your friends, coworkers, or even close relatives, that believe getting up in the night to feed a hungry infant "is HER job".

Aren't we better men than this? Aren't we more capable than some of our knuckle-dragging philosophical forebears? Aren't we strong enough to be good providers AND loving, involved practitioners of the parental arts?

Well, that's what we are going to talk about here at the Real Dads blog.

I realize that until this blog becomes more heavily trafficked, that I will be mostly talking to myself (and perhaps the readers of my other blog), but please feel free to email me or to leave a comment about any dad issues that you'd like to discuss. It is my intention to have a conversation with other fathers, as opposed to preaching from my pulpit about what a great dad I am.

So, c'mon, Real Dads, I know that you are out there. Let's hear from you.




Mamma said...

How refreshing!! My hubs is a real dad. I can't imagine raising children with anything but.

Brillig said...

My dad was a "real dad" even though at the time, such a thing was rare indeed. I'm now married to a "real dad"--I'm not sure where he gets it, because his family is full of the exact opposite. But I benefit, my children benefit, and most of all, HE benefits from the time and love and work that he share with the kids. Great blog concept!

PT-LawMom said...

Glad to see a great "real Dad" starting this. I look forward to reading more.

Redneck Mommy said...

My hubs is a great real dad. However, my own father was not so much. He was more of a bring home the bacon, smoke in the lounge chair and bark at us to turn the television channel type of guy while my momma did everything.

I welcome you real dads. Makes the work for us real moms much easier and more fun.

Janet M Kincaid said...

Very cool! Can't wait to read more. And you, Gunfighter, are one awesome dad. Soccer Girl is very blessed, as is Mrs. Gunfighter.

Lawyer Mama said...

You don't mind if the women comment though do you?

My husband is a real dad. I'll be sure to send him your way!